Denver judge allows convicted CIA killer to carry gun
(March 6, 2013). Raymond Davis, the reported CIA contractor who murdered two Pakistanis in Karachi just prior to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden and who was freed by Pakistani authorities only after the Obama administration bought his release with the payment of $2,400,000 in blood money to the victims' families (see, pleaded guilty to criminal assault in a Douglas County courtroom last Friday (Case no. 11-CR-575).

Davis had been charged with criminal assault after he brutally attacked Jeffrey Maes, severely injuring his neck and back, over a dispute for a parking space at Einstein's Bagels. The brutal attack was witnessed by Maes' two young step children and wife. As a result, the two children have had to undergo psychological therapy.

At the hearing to consider whether to accept Davis' guilty plea, which comprised a sentence of two years of probation, restitution and mere anger management counseling, criminal defense counsel for Davis asked Judge Richard Caschette if his client could continue to use his firearm while serving as a weapons instructor at government firing ranges. However, despite this very limited request, Judge Caschette inexplicably accepted the plea over the victim Maes' strong objection and ordered that Davis be able to continue to carry his firearm in the ordinary course of his employment which in practice for a CIA agent is round the clock.

Counsel for the Maes family, Larry Klayman, complained that CIA pressure on the Douglas County DA (the same one that is prosecuting the recent movie massacre) and possibly the judge may be the reason Davis was being let loose into the Denver and national communities with a gun (

Said Klayman, "It is an outrage that Judge Caschette would put a lethal weapon back into Davis' hands. With his criminal history and emotional instability, Davis is a ticking time bomb ready to explode again. But this is the nature of our court system today, which bends over backwards for the political establishment and could care less about ordinary Americans, much less the Maes family. It is also an outrage that as 'gun ownership' restrictions are being proposed in the wake of the Denver and Sandy Hook tragedies, a dangerous criminally convicted government CIA agent, under the control of the Obama administration, is allowed to carry a gun."

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