Klayman sues City Pages and Phoenix New Times for defamation
Ultra Leftist Publications Use Klayman Children to Harm Him in Retaliation for His Legal Representation of Conservative Clients Fighting Radical Homosexual and Pro Illegal Immigrant Agendas

(Ocala, Florida, March 25, 2013). Today, Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch announced the filing of a lawsuit in federal court (Case No. 5:13-cv-00143 ACC – PRL) in Ocala, Florida, against City Pages and Phoenix New Times, both owned and operated by the ultra leftist media holding and parent company Voice Media Group. These companies and certain named reporters were sued for defamation and defamation by inference under Florida law, for having widely published domestically and internationally false and misleading statements that Klayman has committed and was convicted of the crime of sexually abusing his own two children. To the contrary, these charges having been leveled for strategic purposes by his ex wife, typically in a custody proceeding, which Klayman had initiated many years ago, were dismissed by the Cleveland Department of Children and Families, and the Sheriff and District Attorney of Cayahoga County. In addition, Klayman had voluntarily taken and passed a polygraph test, while his ex wife refused to do so over her false charges. The children also had admitted to investigators that they were coached by their mother and refused to implicate Klayman in any wrongdoing.

The complaint (see www.larryklayman.com) alleges that Defendants negligently, intentionally and maliciously sought to severely injure Klayman in retaliation for his legal representation of Bradlee Dean, a Christian preacher whose group, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide (YCR), teaches Judeo-Christian values to school children and who sued Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, an avowed lesbian, over her defamatory attacks on them for mentoring children to reject the homosexual lifestyle taught to children in many schools today. In addition, Klayman also alleges that the defamatory attacks on Klayman also amounted to retaliation over his legal representation of voters in Arizona who are opposing a recall petition to remove Sheriff Joe Arpaio from office. In each instance, the complaint alleges that the publications and their reporters who sought to harm Klayman are part of the radical gay, lesbian and transgender "rights" and pro illegal immigrant agendas of the far left.

Klayman stated: "To falsely use my young children to try to harm my clients and me is the lowest of the low and these sleazy ultra leftist publications and their reporters will pay a heavy legal price for doing so."

For an interview or more information, contact 855-9-CITIZEN or email leklayman@yahoo.com.

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