Voters to Protect Fair Election Results move Arizona court for Declaratory Judgment and Preliminary Injunction to stop illegal Arpaio recall
DATE: MAY 20, 2013
7277 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

(Phoenix, Arizona, May 17, 2013). Last Friday, the voters' rights group, The Citizens to Protect Fair Election Results (CPFER), filed a Motion for Declaratory Judgment and for Preliminary Injunction to terminate the illegal attempted recall of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio from office initiated by the "anti-voter" group Respect Arizona. See to view a copy of the motion, which is self-explanatory.

As explained to the court in this motion, the Arizona Constitution prohibits the recall of an elected official for at least six months after that official is elected and takes office. In this case, Respect Arizona initiated its illegal recall effort only days after Sheriff Joe Arpaio was sworn into his new term in office. Importantly, the Arizona Constitution has not been amended to provide otherwise. No other claimed legal edict can supercede the Arizona Constitution.

"Under these circumstances, it would appear that Respect Arizona's attempted recall was initiated as a fundraising tool based upon false legal premises. This not only improperly raises money to fill the group's coffers, it wastes deceived donors' money. The scarce resources of the taxpayers of Arizona are also at risk, as recalls are very expensive and cost millions of dollars just in administrative expenses. Respect Arizona's attempted recall is thus an illegal attempt to nullify voters' rights and distract and obstruct Sheriff Arpaio from doing his job to protect Arizonans. This cannot be permitted and we are hopeful that the court will summarily terminate this illegal and wasteful attempted recall," stated Larry Klayman, the lead attorney for CPFER. His co-counsel is David Burnell Smith.

Copies of Plaintiff's Motion for Declaratory Judgment and for Preliminary Injunction will be distributed at the press conference as well as Plaintiff's Opposition to Defendants' Motion to Dismiss.

For more information, contact or Tel: (424) 274-2579.

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