Court Routinely Orders Amended Complaint in Reed vs. Shane Ryan in Middle District of Florida
Contrary to False and Defamatory Reporting in Related Case Reed vs Chamblee Et. Al, This Lawsuit Also Has Not Been Dismissed!
(Jacksonville, Fl., December 13, 2022). Today, Chief Judge Timothy Corrigan ordered that an amended complaint be filed by Plaintiff Patrick Reed, in a case styled Reed v. Ryan et. al, Civil Action No. 3:22-cv-01181 (M.D. Fl.) to conform with his order in a related case styled Reed vs. Chamblee et. al. Reed vs. Chamblee, et. al, Civil Action No. — 3:22-cv-01059 (M.D. Fl.).

Amended complaints are routine in court litigation and the judge's ruling, contrary to the purveyors of fake news in some quarters of the golf media, this does not mean that the lawsuit is dismissed.

Larry Klayman, counsel for Patrick Reed, has this to say:

"Anyone who misrepresents the Court's ordering an amended complaint, which is to be filed on or before January 13, 2023, with Defendants response due on or before February 10, 2023, will be held legally accountable for their false statements, as occurred with Reed vs. Chamblee, et. al. These false statements were only intended to inflict more damage on Mr. Reed, his colleagues and his family.

The complaint filed against Shane Ryan, who has had a pathological obsession in harming Mr. Reed for profit over the years, will be held to account under the full letter of the law. Make no mistake about it; the amended complaint will be restructured in a form and manner which this distinguished jurist has asked for.

By way of example, a class action antitrust complaint filed by me as the lead consumer plaintiff against the PGA Tour and its commissioner Jay Monahan, was amended twice. And, just last Wednesday, the court in Palm Beach, Florida, denied the PGA Tour's motion to dismiss. This case now heads to discovery and eventual trial. See Klayman v. PGA Tour et. al, Case No. 50-2022-CA-006587 (15th Jud. Cir., Palm Beach, Fl.)" Go to for more information about this case."

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