Defendants Golfweek and Gannett Predictably Misrepresent Court Order in Patrick Reed's Defamation Lawsuit
Chief Justice Corrigan Routinely Granted Leave to Amend the Complaint
(Jacksonville, FL, November 19, 2022) Today the Honorable Timothy Corrigan dismissed without prejudice only the initial complaint filed by world class professional golfer Patrick Reed against Brandel Chamblee, Golfweek, Gannett and other Defendants, with leave to amend the initial complaint on or before December 16, 2022. In addition, Defendants are ordered to respond to the amended complaint by January 13, 2023. Contrary to the false implication of Defendants Golfweek and Gannett, this case was not dismissed.

Larry Klayman, Patrick Reed's lawyer, had this to say:

"Mr. Reed is pleased that the Court sustained diversity jurisdiction and set a deadline for the Defendants to respond to our soon to be filed amended complaint, which will add yet more defamatory statements that were published after the initial complaint was filed.. The order deals with the form of our pleading, which is easily addressed, not the substance of the allegations, which are strong. Mr. Reed and other LIV players have been maliciously defamed, and this case is designed to put an end to this, once and for all."

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