Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin Heads Home to the Left's Promised Land!
"Up (to) Your Uranus Bezos!"
(July 20, 2021) Today marks history for not just our nation, but our one human race. In 1903, just over 100 years ago the Wright brothers took flight, and not even then could the Wright brothers foresee the tremendous opportunities that would be made available. Once again God has delivered. We have been granted an opportunity to finally get Jeff Bezos, Zuckerberg, and the leftist extraterrestrials up to their mother planet, Uranus. This was suggested by Hollywood personality Bob Saget on Twitter when he wrote, "they just changed the flight path of Bezos' rocket to head straight toward Uranus." How fitting for Bezos, the leftist owner of the leftist rag known as The Washington Post to ride his starship up to Uranus!

With Bezos's foray into space, we finally have an opportunity to move the destructive heavy weight of the left off of Mother Earth to make this planet more suitable for normal human beings. Indeed, let's start with the heaviest and most destructive forces that are destroying Mother Earth. What weighs down this world more than the left? They produce heavy taxes, heavy oppositions to free speech, heavy demands of war on liberty, not to mention mounds of putrid bullshit. Let us extend a helping hand to Bezos, Big Tech, radical bigots and haters such as BLM, in accomplishing their dreams of finally living in a land where God and white supremacists are minimalized, and they don't have to be offended by the American Flag. They will be saved from COVID-19 once and for all, as Dr. Anthony Fauci is sure to join them. Uranus has a human population of 0, therefore having enough space to socially distance much more than 6 ft.

After making sure Bezos and other extraterrestrials are safely and securely on board for their trip to Uranus, and carefully monitoring their departure to ensure no one is left behind, we will join arms to repair America and return this world back to its glory. With the presence of God, adherence to the Constitution, and a lack of confusion over whether someone is a man or woman, or just an "it," their departure will mimic the cleansing effects of their beloved Covid vaccine.

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