Professional Golfer Patrick Reed Files Amended Complaint vs. Chamblee Alleging Defamation and Tortious Interference
Other Defendants Include Eamon Lynch, Benjamin Bacon, Damon Hack, NBC's Golf Channel, Zach Helfand, Golfweek, Gannett, Conde Nast Int'l & the New Yorker
(Jacksonville, FL, December 17, 2022) Late last Friday, world class professional golfer Patrick Reed filed an Amended Complaint against Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel, and other golf journalists and publishers who have disseminated "fake news" and have defamed and tortiously interfered with him.

Mr. Larry Klayman, counsel for Mr. Reed, had this to say upon filing the Amended Complaint.

"Contrary to the false reporting of the Defendant Gannett, which lied that the lawsuit had been dismissed in its entirety, Chief Judge Timothy Corrigan's prior order simply required Mr. Reed to rework his initial complaint, mostly over form and then to file this Amended Complaint. Not learning its lesson, Defendant Gannett sought to defame Mr. Reed again by mispresenting Judge Corrigan's order. This was widely republished by other golf media reporters in bed with the PGA Tour.

"Mr. Reed is a player on the rival LIV Golf League, and many in the golf media have been enlisted by the PGA Tour to harm not just Mr. Reed but also his fellow players at LIV by repeatedly defaming and disparaging them. It was recently disclosed that the PGA Tour had allegedly hired Clout Public Affairs LLC to smear LIV and its players in the media and fund, organize and incite 9/11 families to wage staged protests at LIV events and elsewhere. See LIV Golf Inc. v. Clout Public Affairs, LLC, 1:22-mc-00126, (D.D.C.)."

"The Amended Complaint alleges defamation and tortious interference and seeks over $820,000,000 USD in damages for the severe harm that has been done to Mr. Reed financially and in terms of loss of good will and reputation. This Amended Complaint is embedded below."

"This case is styled Reed vs. Chamblee, et. al and was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, as Case No. 3:22-cv-0159."

"This Amended Complaint speaks for itself and sets forth an anticompetitive scheme by the PGA Tour, its commissioner Jay Monahan and their agents to defame and destroy LIV and its players, fearing competition which challenges the PGA Tour's monopoly."

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